Organic Lawn Care and Mowing Programs

A well designed, lush, green lawn is a beautiful, functional asset to many landscapes. Let us help you maintain this asset – Organically.

Good Roots Organic Lawn Care is based on the concept that each lawn is unique and requires a customized approach. We will create an organic management plan for your lawn based on site conditions, the health of the soil and turfgrass system, the functional uses of the lawn area, and the expectations of our client. The overall goal of the program is always the same – to create a thick, lush lawn that is aesthetically pleasing and safe to enjoy.

We adapt our program to your specific situation. Every client has their own expectation for what they want their lawn to be, a low-maintenance approach is not necessarily “bad” and a high-maintenance approach is not always necessary. You, as our client, would decide what level of service you desire based on your expectations and your budget and we would then work within that framework to create the best lawn possible.

Why organic? We choose an organic approach because it works, our clients are asking for it, and we feel that it is a healthier choice for our clients and their pets, the environment, and Good Roots team members who handle these products.

Proper mowing practices are absolutely essential to maximize your lawn’s potential. Our lawn mowing program is designed to promote healthy turf and soil as well as keep the lawn areas neat and aesthetically pleasing. We utilize horticulturally sound mowing practices, which complement our organic lawn care program. These practices also stand on their own to provide the greatest possible conditions for a healthy turf system given the current site conditions and state of the soil.

Good Roots Organic Lawn Care is a full service lawn care solution providing lawn mowing, organic fertilization, aeration, seeding, compost topdressing, and more, as a part of your customized program. We look forward to helping you create a beautiful, lush, healthy lawn that is safe for you, your family, or business community to enjoy.

Please contact us with any questions or to set up a free consultation.