Garden Design and Installation

The creation of beautiful, functional landscape spaces using plants.

Our goal when designing and installing a garden is to create a beautiful, functional space for our clients to enjoy. There are many functions and styles of garden and our priority is to create a design that will fulfill your needs and beautify your property.

2012 - Fitton After 4-smWhat can we help you with? A welcoming garden for your front walkway, an evergreen hedge that defines a space or screens an undesirable view, a perennial garden to enjoy from your patio or kitchen window, a backyard patio surrounded by flowering trees and fruiting bushes… If it is inspired by plants, we would love to help you create it. What about a lush, green, organic lawn for your children to play on or to complement a perennial garden? A lawn is part of your landscape garden and incorporating it into an overall planting design will make your landscape more cohesive and functional.

A word about the importance of function in the design concept. It is common to see large tracts of homes with very similar landscapes. This does not mean that all the families in these homes use their landscape the same way. These landscapes often have not been designed specifically for the function of your family (or business). Picture a backyard and many different landscape elements may come to mind. Will your backyard be the center of sporting activities for the neighborhood kids, a quiet retreat for a hardworking couple to sit, read, and watch the birds, or a space that will be used by the homeowner to grow flowers for cutting and herbs for the kitchen. These uses demand very different design solutions and we can create something to fit your needs.

At Good Roots, we strive to create beautiful, functional landscape spaces using plants. Plants can be used, not only to add color, texture, and character to a property, but also to define spaces and add architectural elements. Privacy hedges, gateways between adjacent garden areas, groundcovers to line walkways, vines used to cover walls, and tree canopies as living ceilings are a few examples. We design with this in mind and try to make the most of this living art – the plants are never an afterthought.

Our goal, when installing your trees, shrubs, perennial gardens, and turfgrass is that the plants become established, grow, thrive, and contribute to the long term beauty of your landscape. There are, unfortunately, many poor planting practices in effect in the landscape industry and this often results in the failure of new plantings. Plants are living things and certainly there are times when they don’t thrive in a new location. We take care to use horticultural practices that will give your new plants the absolute best possible chance to thrive.

Along with creating new landscape spaces, we also can help you to renovate or rejuvenate your existing landscape. Have the shrubs installed along the front foundation of your home started taking over the house? We could renovate with proper pruning tactics to get these plants back in line or we could remove them and design something new and fresh that will complement your home. Maybe you have become bored with an old, tired perennial border? We can work with your current landscape to rejuvenate the performance of your plants and design a plan that will incorporate some new color and variety to your garden.

For garden design and installation jobs both small and large, we will create a solution that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Please contact us with any questions or to set up a free consultation.